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Full Face Rejuvenation

To treat deep wrinkles and scars, rejuvenate the sun-damaged skin.

To remove skin lesions like fibromas, warts, skin tags, keratosis and other non-cancerous lesions.

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The Erbium YAG ablative skin resurfacing laser is more gentle compared to the CO2 laser – but still has the same powerful effects. This treatment will produce long-lasting skin tightness, improved quality and firmness, as well as a dramatic reduction in wrinkles. It can also lead to a more even complexion as pigment blemishes are reduced.

While super effective long-term, the downtime is longer than in the fractionated Erbium laser therapy, causing peeling, redness and sensitivity for a longer period.

We will take care of you during the post-laser period, with regular check-ups, and skin healing creams from the Lamelle product range, including sun protection.

Required sessions and cost

  • Usually one session is enough to remove unwanted lesions, or to do a full face resurfacing

Laser Treatment Costs

Scar removal

From Ksh 8,000

Full face rejuvenation (Fine lines and wrinkles/skin tightening/scar)

Ksh 25,000

Perioral rejuvenation only

Ksh 15,000

Stretch marks body area

Ksh 10,000

Acne therapy face

Ksh 15,000

Vascular Lesions / Angiomas Thread veins face

From Ksh 6,000

Chest area

From Ksh 8,000


Ksh 10,000

Stomach and flanks

From Ksh 12,000-15,000


Ksh 9,500

Age spots, Pigmentation reduction, Freckles, Melasma, Blemishes face

Ksh 15,000

Superficial skin rejuvenation

Ksh 15,000

Tattoo Removal (20mins)

From Ksh 6,000

Nails Fungus removal

From Ksh 5,000

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