Permanent Hair Removal

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Permanent Hair Removal

To permanently remove unwanted body hair – effective for all skin types.

To treat ingrown hairs successfully.

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Who hasn’t dreamt of having unwanted hair removed permanently?

Our therapists at the Source MediSpa offer threading, waxing and laser hair removal in the heart of Nairobi.

Our special Diode hair removal laser is the most effective method to remove hairs permanently (epilation). It provides fast treatment of unwanted hair, even in larger areas such as the back, legs, chest, bikini line, stomach or face - with no downtime. Our NdYAG laser offers relieve in smaller areas such as bikini line, arm pit or the face.

During this laser hair removal treatment, the melanin pigment in unwanted hair is hit by the laser beam, heating the hair follicles to eventually stop new hairs from growing.

Hair follicles are located just below the skin and are responsible for producing new strands of hair. If the follicles are destroyed by the laser, then hair production is disabled. By contrast, tweezing, shaving, and waxing all remove hair but keep the hair roots intact, allowing new strong hair to grow back, often resulting in ingrown hair.

Diode laser hair removal is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal. A slight discomfort may be sensed as the laser handpiece with its cooling head passes over the treatment area – but no topical anesthetics are necessary for this procedure which is painless.

Being superior for hair removal to the IPL (intense pulsed light), the Diode laser targets hair in its growth phase – which happens every 3-6 weeks. Only then is the laser beam effective. The targeted hair will initially grow back, but much finer and thinner. This is the reason why several sessions are necessary – after 6 sessions, the hair has either stopped growing back, or only very thin and flimsy.

The Diode hair removal epilation laser works for all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types I – VI), as well as on tanned skin. For darker skin types, appropriate parameters are set to still benefit from the hair removal.

The hair removal / epilation is effectively a reduction of growth of thick hair – after the sessions you will see the great effect it will have. Thinner regrowth of hair may occur – for which you might need to come for follow up sessions occasionally. The exact number of maintenance laser treatments varies depending on your hair.

Required sessions and cost

  • Clients require 3 to 4 sessions every 4 weeks
  • More sessions may be required for deeper melasma, hyperpigmentation

Permanent Hair Removal Costs

Full Face Hair Removal

Ksh 8,000

Full Face + neck Hair Removal

Ksh 9,500

Half face / upper lip and chin / beard Hair Removal

Ksh 5,000

Upper lip Hair Removal

Ksh 2,500

Chin Hair Removal

Ksh 3,500

Ears Hair Removal

Ksh 3,000

Between eyebrows Hair Removal

Ksh 2,000

Full arms Hair Removal

Ksh 9,500

Under arms Hair Removal

Ksh 5,000

Full legs Hair Removal

Ksh 20,000

Nipples Hair Removal

Ksh 3,000

Buttocks Hair Removal

Ksh 6,000

Bikini line Hair Removal

Ksh 5,000

Brazilian Hair Removal

Ksh 9,500

Full stomach Hair Removal

Ksh 9,000

Men’s chest / back Hair Removal

From Ksh 15,000- 18,000

Ladies’ chest Hair Removal

Ksh 12,000

Ladies’ back Hair Removal

Ksh 13,000

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