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Superficial Skin Rejuvenation

To treat unwanted pigmentation in your skin and improving your complexion and facial glow.

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For a brighter, fresher looking, and healthier and younger facial skin our skin specialists at the Medi Spa in Riverside, Nairobi, offer various world-class therapies and procedures that pamper your skin and soul into a rejuvenated you.

You will usually be consulted on what you would like to change on your skin – a beauty therapist or cosmetic doctor will take as long as it is necessary to listen to your concerns, assess your skin, and write down a treatment plan that we can follow.

The combination of therapies on offer allow us to confidently help you achieve your goal of a fresher and younger looking self: Cosmeceutical skin products usually are the first line of therapies that will change the elasticity of your face, improving hydration and getting rid of acne and pigmentation.

Further steps will involve minimally invasive treatments like Hydrafacial MD, chemical peels and laser therapies:

The Q-switched laser will be used to superficially peel of the top layers of the skin through a carbon layer which allows micrometers of peeling only to give you great results with minimum downtime.

The Erbium-YAG laser can be used as a fractionated laser (Fraxel), which shoots tiny little holes into your skin. This induces your own body to repair the skin quickly – so that after 3 -4 days you have grown a completely new skin in all areas that the laser touched – reducing pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Erbium-YAG ablative laser will on the other hand give you an enormous skin rejuvenation effect by effectively peeling off part of the epidermis (the top layer of your skin) – leaving your skin reddened and healing for about a week. The results are however stunning, and will shave off years off your face.

Required sessions and cost

  • Clients require 3 to 4 sessions every 4 weeks
  • More sessions may be required for deeper melasma, hyperpigmentation

Laser Treatment Costs

Scar removal

From Ksh 8,000

Full face rejuvenation (Fine lines and wrinkles/skin tightening/scar)

Ksh 25,000

Perioral rejuvenation only

Ksh 15,000

Stretch marks body area

Ksh 10,000

Acne therapy face

Ksh 15,000

Vascular Lesions / Angiomas Thread veins face

From Ksh 6,000

Chest area

From Ksh 8,000


Ksh 10,000

Stomach and flanks

From Ksh 12,000-15,000


Ksh 9,500

Age spots, Pigmentation reduction, Freckles, Melasma, Blemishes face

Ksh 15,000

Superficial skin rejuvenation

Ksh 15,000

Tattoo Removal (20mins)

From Ksh 6,000

Nails Fungus removal

From Ksh 5,000

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