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A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for he hands especially the fingernails.

It involves:

  • Filing and shaping of fingernails,
  • Pushing back and clipping of cuticles (the skin that grows at the base of the fingernails),
  • Massaging, soaking and moisturizing the hands.
  • Application of nail polish, optional.

Why get a manicure?

Manicures help maintain the health of your fingernails, relax and pampering your nails reducing stress levels and improving your mood. It is also good for improving texture and health of your fingernails and the skin of your hands. Through acupressure or hand massage techniques, manicures stimulate the blood and lymph flow to improve the health of your skin. Use of essential oils, steams and waxes to exfoliate, cleanse and improve the texture of your nails and skin of your hands.

Manicures may sound like something only women do, but that’s not the case; men who want to keep their fingernails and hands in top shape also do these they just skip applying the pretty polish.

Give your fingernails and hands some pampering with a special treatment regimen.

Nails Costs

Manicure with normal polish

Ksh 1,000

Pedicure with normal polish

Ksh 2,000

Soak off

Ksh 500-1,000

Gel polish manicure

Ksh 2,000

Gel polish pedicure

Ksh 3,000

Gum gel manicure

Ksh 3,000

Gum gel pedicure

Ksh 3,000


Ksh 3,000


Ksh 2,000-3,000

Acrylic nails

Ksh 4,500-5,000

Acrylic refill

Ksh 2,500

Stick Ons

Ksh 2,000

Paraffin wax manicure

Ksh 2,500

Paraffin wax Pedicure

Ksh 3,000

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