Nano Hair Strokes

Our Nano Hair Strokes service in Nairobi consists of hair like strokes created with a machine and Nano needle that follow the natural flow of natural eyebrows. This is a very natural look but is only suitable for dry skin and clients with a bit of hair on the eyebrows. The final look is similar to microblading but this technique creates less trauma on the skin but goes a bit deeper than Micro blading that’s why it lasts 2-3 years unlike micro blading which lasts 1.5-2 years.

Each procedure takes 2-3 hours. We use topical numbing cream and secondary numbing gels throughout the whole procedure to make sure the procedure is pain free.

Difference between Nano Hair Strokes and Microblading?

  • Nano creates less trauma to the skin since a Nano cartridge is used to implant the pigment unlike in Microblading a blade is used to implant the pigment.
  • A machine is used to create the strokes thus can go much deeper and lasts longer unlike with Micro blading where a hand tool is used so the depth is determining by the technician.
  • The strokes are much thicker since the technician goes over the strokes 3-4 times with the machine and the Nano cartridge unlike with Microblading where one goes over the hair strokes once or twice to avoid going too deep.
  • This technique is suitable for clients with a bit of hair but Microblading can be done on clients with almost no hair on the eyebrows since the strokes are very thin and fine.

Our Nano Hair Strokes Specialist

The Source MediSpa
Sarah Keter

Micro-pigmentation Specialist

Internationally trained in permanent makeup, semi-permanent make-up and paramedical micro pigmentation.
Sarah has a passion for enhancing natural beauty using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, permanent makeup techniques, and color theory – viewing each therapy as a masterpiece. She takes her utmost time with each client to ensure they are satisfied and happy with their therapies.

Cost (KES)30,000

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