Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Brows is the process of blending colors typically to appear bolder. The brow is made to look darker at the arch. The soft color transition defines the brows but adds depth. It can be done using a permanent make up machine or a manual tool with special shading needles. It lasts 3-5 years.

Our Ombré Powder Brows in Nairobi is a technique where small micro dots are implanted into the eyebrows creating a soft, powder effect like filled in eyebrows with a very defined shape. The eyebrows are normally lighter at the front also where the nano strokes are implanted and darker towards the tails.

This technique is a defined but natural look suitable for dry to normal skin and can lasts 3-5 years. A color boost is recommended every year or after 2 years depending.

The main advantage of Ombré hair color is that the color doesn’t start all the way at the root meaning you can avoid that harsh root line that happens as color grows out.

Why Ombré Powder Brows?

  • Ombré Powder Brows are great for any skin type, unlike micro blading, which may not work well on oily skinned beauties.
  • Your eyebrows will look more defined, fuller as well as dramatic.
  • Ombré Brows last longer than micro bladed brows, usually up to 5 years.
  • Ombré requires little to no maintenance.

Our Ombré Powder Brows Specialist

The Source MediSpa
Sarah Keter

Micro-pigmentation Specialist

Internationally trained in permanent makeup, semi-permanent make-up and paramedical micro pigmentation.
Sarah has a passion for enhancing natural beauty using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, permanent makeup techniques, and color theory – viewing each therapy as a masterpiece. She takes her utmost time with each client to ensure they are satisfied and happy with their therapies.

Cost (KES)30,000

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