Pedicure in Nairobi

It is a comprehensive treatment of your feet and toenails.

It involves:

  • Cutting, trimming and shaping of your toenails
  • Tending to your cuticles
  • Exfoliating
  • Hydrating and massaging your feet
  • Painting your toenails (if desired)

Pedicures remove dead skin and soften dead skin.

Why Get A Pedicure?

  • It is not only therapeutic, but is also great for medical and cosmetic reasons
  • To soothe and relax you
  • Pedicures help your posture – Did you know you naturally walk more comfortably on cared for feet?
  • Regular pedicures keep feet fresh and healthy
  • They prevent nail disorders like ingrown nails

Men who want to keep their feet and toenails healthy and in top shape should get themselves a pedicure every so often.

A pedicure is the perfect excuse for some ‘me time’ to sit back and relax.

SessionsAs neededCost (KES)from 2,000

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SessionsAs neededCost (KES)from 2,000