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Threading is a method of hair removal originating in Iran, India, Central Asia and China. In more recent times it has gained popularity in Western countries, especially with a cosmetic application.

Threading is a great alternative for anyone with acne or thin, sensitive skin since it doesn’t come into contact with the skin as much and is gentle on the skin around your eyes or beard area.

At The Source MediSpa, we use a face threading machine to provide a range of services such as full-face threading, beard threading and eyebrow threading in Nairobi to shape and get rid of hair from eyebrows, your upper lip, sideburns, cheeks or your chin.

Threading is quickly becoming the preferred option owing to how gentle it is on your skin, and how precise it is. Here’s why you should book your next threading appointment with us:

Benefits of Hair Threading

Your hair grows back smoother and thinner

Much like waxing, your facial hair will often grow back smoother and lighter with consistent threading. Since with both methods, the hair is pulled out from the root, the follicle eventually stops producing hair in most cases. And because the rate of growth for hair follicles differs, you will often notice less hair growth over time.

More Precise

Threading is a lot more precise than shaving or waxing, especially when the area is curved or atop a bone. With threading, the esthetician can give you a cleaner line up after you let them know exactly where you want the hair removed from, leaving you far more satisfied with the results, and giving your facial hair a clean shape and appearance.

Are you looking for a threading salon in Nairobi for threading chin hair, brows threading, upper lip threading? Then your search is over. Book your appointment today.

We also offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as manicure & pedicures, eyebrow threading, painless microblading, skin tightening, and more!Check out our full list of services here, or download our price list here.

Threading Costs

Full Face

Ksh 1,200

Eye brows

Ksh 500

Upper Lip

Ksh 200


Ksh 300


Ksh 600

Eyelash tint

Ksh 1,000

Eye brows tint

Ksh 800

Eye lashes extensions (semi-human hair)

Ksh 3,500

Eye lashes extensions (human hair)

Ksh 7,000

Eye lashes extensions (strip)

Ksh 2,000

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