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Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root using organic wax that sticks to body hair and pulls out the hair from the follicle. New hair grows back in about four to six weeks although regrowth can be seen in a week due to different hair cycles in different individuals. Waxing can be done in almost any area of the body including eyebrows, face, pubic hair, legs, arms, back, abdomen, knuckles, and feet.

Waxing is a beauty treatment and body hair removal procedure that gets rid of unwanted hair from a part of the body by applying body wax and peeling off the wax and hairs together.

Benefits of Waxing

  • You will have less regrowth in between appointments: There is a good reason why regrowth seems slower when you wax: the hair is pulled from the root. In this way, your skin will remain smooth for a period of time that spans from the renewal of the ripped hair follicle to the moment the hair shaft reaches the skin surface. This whole process usually lasts three to four weeks. The rhythm of hair removal with the waxing appointments can be disrupted if you cut hair at the surface. At the end of the day, you will definitely see less regrowth once you start waxing consistently, and this is one of the best advantages you can get from it.
  • Your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser: This is because waxing tears hair off from the root, which causes the hair follicle to get weaker over time. Weak hair follicles produce finer, sparser hair. However, genetics still determines most of the characteristics of your hair, such as coarseness, color, and growth rate. Do not expect dramatic change from coarse to fine in a couple of appointments. It will take some time to see a substantial change.
  • Your skin will get gentle exfoliation: Waxing strips off the outermost layer of skin, which means that your skin will feel smoother and brighter, but keep in mind that waxing is not exfoliation. In fact, it is highly advisable that you exfoliate a couple of days before your waxing appointment to prepare the skin for the procedure. Do not exfoliate on the same day of the appointment since this could make your skin too sensitive. A couple of days after the appointment, you can wax again: any redness will more than likely have subsided by then, and pores will be closed. Post-waxing exfoliation is one of the ways to keep ingrown hairs at bay.
  • Your skin will be less prone to inflammation: Did you know that repeated shaving leads to chronic skin inflammation? The friction from the razor —as well as the natural skin-to-skin friction in this area— give way to inflammation and discoloration. The latter happens because the skin reacts to inflammation by becoming thicker, and melanocytes (the pigment-making cells in the skin) become more active. The discoloration is more common in darker skin types, and it can sometimes be a sign of diabetes. This is a very common disadvantage of shaving that can be greatly relieved with waxing since the skin will be less exposed to repeated friction: only one appointment a month means less inflammation and even less chance of developing skin discoloration.
  • You will have less annoying itching and prickliness: When hair surfaces, is when it starts itching and giving a prickly sensation. When you wax, the hair will take longer to reach the surface of the skin; therefore, you will feel smooth for longer. It's also worth mentioning that the prickly feeling of growing hair is more noticeable after shaving because the razor cuts the hair in an angle, which is the same reason why hair seems darker. You can be relieved that, once you start waxing, you'll be less bothered by this prickly sensation.
  • You will avoid the risk of nicks and cuts: There is always the risk of getting cut when you're using a razor, even more so when your hands are covered in foam and soap, and you're in one of the least safe places in the house: the bathroom. When you start waxing, your skin overall will be less exposed to damage.
  • You will have less chance of ingrown hairs: It is important to use the correct waxing technique to avoid ingrown hairs (hair that regrows back into the skin, causing red bumps). The pull has to be quick and the skin has to be held taut while going at the procedure. However, you should know that you might be especially prone to ingrown hairs with any hair removal method. Luckily, exfoliation and moisturizing can be a great help against this pesky problem.
  • You will have a wide range of waxes to choose from: As you might know, many different types of waxes are available. Your esthetician will choose mainly from soft body waxes and hard body waxes for bigger areas, and strip wax for smaller areas such as the face. You can get all the insight on the two main types of wax in our blog post "What Is the Difference Between Hard Wax and Soft Wax".
  • You will enjoy the attention of a professional esthetician: This should be the first and foremost reason why you should always choose to have a professional waxing before attempting to wax at home. Professionals know exactly how to handle every step of the process, have the right techniques and plenty of experience behind them. On top of that, most salons nowadays offer a full experience of relaxation. Do not put your skin at risk and save the hassle of waxing at home, go to a professional esthetician!

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